Winter Rose

Golden Hour

i got the beer. no thanks to you –
i got the drink, man, i love that golden
that first bite –

The first moment of
hitting the bottle, it’s like heaven, how
it flows down my throat –

brown glass on dry lips; bubble sunset
of goodness, begins to grope the
shit dirt – a drink or a smoke, I can’t
afford both –

so I suck off an ego; I suck off a dick,
pay attention: not one thing, but
double the work, (how I chug both) –

and why should you care – you have it
all figured. A house and a wife
and a couple of brats – big deal, look
here, I could have had that –

were it not for this booze
and I keep it close like a noose…
such a hematoma baby;
it’s an ugly cousin –

must hide this bastard foster
this fucking shackle master –

like I said, the first kiss is golden
the rest goes to pot – still i sit
on the curb till tomorrow –

shoeless Jane Doe – dead or alive
a burden to y’all – God, I lined up five
more –
that’s a beer for each pathetic Joe
I pop.

First kiss of brown sunset
worth every damn suck, blow,
a groveling so low… in
my freakshow sidewalk bar hop

My cigarette butt

Is long gone
is burning motel curtains
is foolishness;
is fiberglass

A thing I must have.
a vice; a shoulder.
more than my
scrawny old boyfriend’s back;

it smolders, an orangish-blue
hangover; a Circle K twilight.

I’ll save the last one; fire
it up three more times; monkey
fuck it with my John; suck him
off for a line. What are you

Looking at – Never seen rock
bottom before? Always had
a carton in the suburbs; Virginia
Slims, in a hideaway drawer –

Ain’t gonna rape you, but If you like,
I do have other ways to pay you.

Seriously – handsome…
Got a smoke for a old lady? Cuz she
is flat broke. And jonesin –


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