Submission Periods (& Pay)

There is no fee to submit to Cough Syrup, but pleeeease try to read the magazine or at least peruse the site to get an ideas of what we’re all about. We have a pretty magazine filled with mind-bending literature, beauty art, and essays on psychedelics and associated feelers.

We are a bi-annual magazine and accept submissions for all media year round.

At the moment we pay in print Contributor’s Copies and any other goodies or projects we have brewing that we think you’d enjoy.


    • You may submit up to five pieces at once in any category.
    • If submitting more than one piece please put each in a separate file, with the name of the piece and your last name in the filename.
    • Please follow standard manuscript format. For prose, double-spaced Times New Roman or Garamond in 12-point; poetry single-spaced (unless specific formatting required).
    • You can expect to hear back from us within 7 weeks, sometimes a little longer. We try to respond as quickly as we can, please email us if you feel you have been neglected.
    • By submitting to Cough Syrup we will be adding you to our mailing list. You can opt out whenever you want.
    • To submit send an email to



In a general sense we love all the Weird, Mind-Bending, genre-bending, surrealism, experimentalism, literary, gonzo, beat. If it sounds good and if it feels good we appreciate.

But in a specific sense. Here ya go.

Trip Reports           Check out or Alexander Shulgin’s PIKHAL.

Fiction            You may submit up to one piece of 3,000 w0rds maximum. Shorter pieces may be sent simultaneously. We are picky with    flash fiction. Must be good and strike an immediate feeling or visual cue. Science fiction, dark, horror, surreal, experimental, literary, gonzo. Some of our favorite writers are William Burroughs, Stephen Wright, Bukowski, William Gibson, Stephen King, Ken Kesey, etc.  No romance. Slice of life is all right if the slice is interesting.

 Poetry             You read the writers we like. More of the same. We are looking for free-verse, haiku, non-traditional , traditional, ecstatic/inspired writing(not religious though), experimental, long or short. Five pieces at a time. Please use single spacing unless needed for the form of the piece.

Visual Art             All forms of media accepted. Style is edgy, abstract. Erotica, cartoons/comics, grafitti; art is everywhere. Five pieces. Please make sure files are in JPEG format with clear resolution.

Articles/Essays            Essays on psychedelica, literature, metaphysics (not new age), philosophy, drug culture, experience reports/stories, or prominent people to do with any of these categories.


If you would like to contact us about any further information or with ideas or collaborations please contact me at


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