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Spring 2020 ‘Fiction’

Hello! Happy Spring, Bummer Pandemic. We have three new print magazine/books coming out tomorrow, April 20th. Happy 420! 

Cough Syrup’s FICTION!

Cough Syrup's Fiction Cover
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Cough Syrup's Fiction Spring 2020
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The first of these we are pre announcing is our first full fiction anthology! A 72-page print mindbend. Science Fiction, Horror, contemporary fiction, and some general weird. 

The short story The Spill At Drover River  by L.L. Asher is about a freak chemical spill and the resulting chaos in the town; a situation so familiar now. Classic science fiction, cyberpunk, I guess you’re gonna have to read it. 

This is part of the Spring 2020:Duality release which includes an art/look book called Cough Syrup #3 Duality and a 32 page poetry chapbook. 

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Don’t let print die!



The Spill At Drover River

by L.L. Asher


        by Ezekiel Jarvis


        by Terry Sanville

Lady Of The Lump

        by Stephen McQuiggan

Don Juan 3000

        by Franco Amati

All Void, No Stars

        by MT Williams


        Tommy Sheffield


 Ruin All the Fun

by Phoenix DeSimone

 The Combine Welcomes You To…

        by Donovan Martinez

 The Trilogy of G

        Ben Woodiwiss    


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Check out our shop to order yourself a copy today or even better support us on Patreon here. 

Don’t let print die!