Penalities against possesion of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. - President Jimmy Carter, October 2, 1977

Cough Syrup #3


72 page full color art book.

Bloom Into Spring – 2020 – Duality. We had so much great material sent it we had to publish three separate books/magazines in order to present it with the respect it deserves. Please go to our website to check out the other two: POETRY and FICTION.

This wonderful volume you are holding is our main magazine, Cough Syrup #3. A book of art and magic eyes, eye candy, and color bliss. There is a psychedelic manual by Timothy Leary on how to be an LSD Buddha and a trip report from the book Psychedelic Trips For the Mind, from High Times Magazine. Enjoy. THANKS FOR TRIPPING WITH US PLEASE CUM AGAIN. S&M

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72 page full color art book.

Cover: Julian Lowder


Julian Lowder


Dennis Eichorn

Timothy Leary

Magic Eye

Optical Art

Psychedlic Manual