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Cough Syrup #3 :: Duality

Hello! Happy Spring, Bummer Pandemic. We have three new print magazine/books coming out today, April 20th. Happy 420! 

Cough Syrup #3! Our magnus opum Art-trip Book. 

Cover art by the amazing and talented Julian Lower. More art inside!

Cough Syrup #3
Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.04.55 AM
Julian Lowder
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Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.06.53 AM


The last and not least, Cough Syrup 3#. Magic eye, visionary art, psychedelic manuals, Timothy Leary, the sensory overload wonder art of Julian Lowder.

This is part of the Spring 2020: Duality release which includes an art/look book called Cough Syrup’s Fiction and a 32 page poetry chapbook. 

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Don’t let print die!


72 page full color art book.

Cover: Julian Lowder


Julian Lowder


Dennis Eichorn

Timothy Leary

Magic Eye

Optical Art

Psychedlic Manual