Cough Syrup is a literary, art and drug-culture magazine. Our content is diverse and we are always growing and evolving. The Magazine is organic, a Conceptual-Feeler machine, a stream, sucking in and manifesting the splatter paint etchings from the Void, plucking the best we can find from this mad Unveiling of Appearances.

Cough Syrup was started in Winter of 2018, though the concept was originated by Terrance Contreras, ol’ buddy ol’ pal, when he first glimpsed The Clarity and the stream became apparent to itself and all members involved. More than a magazine, more of a inspiratory unfoldment, a progression of events in the probability stream of foolish divide.

Print and digital editions of the magazine are produced. To own some bliss of your own head over to our shop to our Shop. 

If you are an artist or writer or human that want’s to contribute head to our Submissions page for information.

we know you're high