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Instructions for psychedelic use: print manual

Instructions for Use During a Psychedelic Session

The practical portion of Timothy Leary's work 'The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead'. Printed in a clean and easy to read format. Anyone recognize the cover? Email me with the answer and you get a free copy.

Soul Suck Vol 1

Soul Suck | Halloween 2019 | VOL 1

'Bad Trip' Halloween 2019. Art issue featuring work from the spectacular and trippy Julian Lowder, Mark Jakubowski, and more.

Summer Of Lyzergic Bliss

Summer of Lyzergic Bliss

Summer 2019 | VOL 2 ISSUE 1 | YESOD
Articles, art, ficton, poetry, exceprts from psychedelic must-reads such as Daniel Pinchbeck's General Introduction to 'The Psychedelic Experience'. Read about Timothy Leary's first DMT trip in his essay 'Programmed Communications During Experiences with LSD'. More great psychedlia inside.

issue 1

Cough Syrup #1

Winter 2018 | VOL 1 ISSUE 1 | MALKUTH

The first and maybe not the best. Gotta start somewhere. Art, poetry.

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